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My name is Jeremy and I happened upon T-MFs while searching for podcasts about CPTSD. I and my wife both suffer from the typical conglomerate of disorders that are associated with trauma, not the least of which is CPTSD. My wife saved my life and I'd like to think, I have also saved hers. I personally have always known that I was different, unable to connect, seemingly always angry, and reserved to keep to myself as opposed to be rejected or found out as different.

Different, as many that are traumatized know, is easy to mock, diminish, & provoke. Without going into the long, probably similiar to many, story of my past ...I'll simply say that I am a product of a violatile, provoking, angry father & a depressed disconnected mother. All the results of that experience have manifested into ME...sadly DID & a lack of a sense-of-self ....has prevented me from even knowing who ME is. So here I am along with all of the other TMFs passively commiserating & relating to this much appreciated project. Thank you for your willingness to step out bravely to let us know we are not the only TMFer.