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Hey! Jess here - the weirdo behind TMFRs. You can read plenty about me in my crazy-transparent blog, but briefly, here's the condensed version. In so few words, childhood trauma, generalized anxiety, and clinical depression are my jam. Since going through massive anxiety recovery and leaving an abusive relationship this year, I've dedicated my time to developing this support community. Cuz I want to prevent others from being in my shoes, and also, who doesn't need an endless third job?

Native Illinoisian, transplanted Atalien. Ex-scientist, current logistics coordinator at a craft brewery. When I'm not staring at a computer, I'm probably out hiking. I also enjoy podcasts, reading, and fairly specific genres of music (punk is basically the trauma genre).

Favorite Podcasts: On Being, Mind Your Business, Where Should We Begin?, TedTalks anything, This American Life, Online Marketing Made Easy, Last Podcast on the Left

Favorite Bands: Lawrence Arms, PUP, Off With Their Heads, (pre-2005) Alkaline Trio, anything with Brian Fallon, Iron Chic, Dillinger Four, Not Half Bad

Favorite Coping Measures: Hiking, singing, driving, writing, talking it out