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Tia Shares her amazing art

I love getting thoughtful, sharing messages from other folks on their Trauma journey. Last night, I received a great one from a new member named Tia. Better yet - she sent ART!

Check out her full Flickr profile here

Here's a quick art blurb from Tia:

... when I was drowning in my illness with no clue why I was the way I was, before my revelation that 1. it was trauma, not a rough childhood, and 2. I was not a bad person/kid, I was innocent, guiltless, I was not the problem, my parents were. Add these experiences with an udder surrendering experience, and the fact that I'm learning who I am and experiencing my emotions for the first time, I can now cry, which is a big deal...you could say it's been quite the journey.

Presently, I try to use my coping skills and design a religion around mental health and self love.

I have complex PTSD, Major Depression, and Anxiety, my photos are meant to cause people to feel a wide spectrum of emotions than the common/basic ones. And I hope they relate.

Wanna join Tia's new self-love religion? Me too.

Check out her work here and stay tuned for our inevitable conversation on C-PTSD.

If you want to share your own story or art - bring it on! Check the menu to find the Art Submission page and letterrip!

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