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Three EASY lessons learned for managing mental health in 2019

Updated: May 21, 2020

Sometimes... cough... Oftentimes... I have a tendency to write from an abstract, emotional, woo-woo place where psychology, sarcasm, and self-actualization collide.

I am a ball of cynical emotion, so the language seems as normal to me as crying into a jar of peanut butter in bed, concurrently ignoring everyone while telling myself no one loves me. However, in hindsight, I realize both of these tendencies probably aren't relatable to everyone.

To keep things simple, here are three things I did in 2019 that turned my mental health game around, without the deep emotional language.

1. Get Simple - Please just cut out the bullshit that you know you need to quit. Bad relationship? Bad job? Bad drinking habit? Pull off the fucking band aid, and make room in your life for things you actually want. Push out the trash, use the empty container for something new. When you're not held down with useless drama, obligations, and mental fatigue, you can actually start considering how you'd like to live. What burns you out? I'm willing to bet you can name 5 things that make you miserable (or, just not happy). Not only can you free up time and literal space, but you can have so much extra thinking power when you aren't in a state of continual dread, upset, or annoyance.

2. Get Interested - Just start looking into the things you have secret interests in. Is that asking too much? Then just start CONSIDERING looking into those things. (Brainhack! "I'm working on looking into..." ) Ask, what scares the shit out of you? What do you wish you had done after high school? What job/skill makes you envious? Look up a few experts in the field online. Don't compare yourself, just appreciate what skills they have and what they've done. No one (but, maybe you) will punish you for getting curious, watching a youtube video, or using your brain to think about something outside your daily routine. When in doubt, there's a podcast for everything; you'll always have traffic, the gym, the shower and public transportation to zone-in.

3. Organize - Stop avoiding that panicky feeling catalyzed by setting solid goals and expectations for yourself... and stop fucking yourself over with "oopsie" moments and missed deadlines. You know what causes anxiety? An ambiguous future. You know what helps reduce ambiguity? Intentions, planning, and being on top of yo shit. Get a planner, and cut out some of that daily uncertainty. You can't control everything, but you can make it to meetings on time, remember your errands, and cover your ass at work. EVEN BETTER - you can start visualizing the time you have, so you can actually utilize it. You know what you'll never have (or never acknowledge you have) if you don't make room for it? Free time. It's a great fucking feeling to ask yourself, "what do I need to be doing right now?" and find the answer, evidently, is actually "nothing." You might have to choke down the fact that you ain't as busy as you project.... but then you can actually leverage that wasted Netflix time to accomplish something you'll be grateful for in 1 or 10 years. Get a goddamn planner, watch your brain power and available time expand. I promise. I promise.

Boom. Easy. On with 2020. Stop dicking around, make your life worth your time.

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