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The video that put it all into place

This is where my trauma recovery got traction at the start of 2019. It seems silly - this is a 5 minute long video, not a how-to guide on trauma management. However, absorbing that there are different compartments of the brain directing my trauma versus daily thinking was an epiphany moment. This isn't out of my control - it's biology.

I made my SO watch the video (he wasn't impressed) and sent it to anyone I knew would relate. More importantly, I started separating my "Trauma Brain" and subsequent behaviors from MY brain and intended behaviors.

"Trauma" is ambiguous. "Anxiety" means a lot of things. But physiology, evolution, and the fight or flight response - that's clear cut for me. When I'm in a panic-state, it's not because I'm crazy and out of control... it's because my inner survival system is running the show. I know science. I understand feedback loops and adaptation.

Out of nowhere, after watching this video, I suddenly believe overcoming my trauma is a doable experiment. Shit, thanks brain, you're trying to keep me alive. You're just confused. We can work on that. Pavlov that shit.

Realizing that my brain is subconsciously reacting to innumerable perceived threats, not running haywire or spiraling out of control, was monumental. It suggests that reactions to life can be programmed and reprogrammed. Dude. That means there's a place to start. Holy shit. It was like finding one crucial foothold on an unforeseeably high climb.

I hope this video is as freeing for you as it was for me.

Share your thoughts below, or send them to traumatizedmotherfxckers@gmail.com

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