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Member Post and Resource: Daniel F. on "Letting Go"

Recently I've been doing this fun thing where I trick my friend Daniel into writing for me. He's more than just a pal - he's my partner in crime over on the Community server, and my conversational partner in our brand new podcast effort, "Maybe in 10 Years."

This guy right here, he has the best mindset and magick information to share. He spends a lot of his time understanding the esoteric and learning to live more wholly, despite his past struggles with isolation, anxiety, and angst.

When he starts talking about something new he's consuming, I'm all ears. And I encourage him to tell me what it means / how it helps him... which I then confiscate and republish. It's easier than the teeth-pulling for a stressful piece of writing. Also, it makes me laugh.

Don't worry, don't worry. He's a good sport, I think he realizes he's always at risk of me taking his inspirational learnings and turning them into shareable stories/resources. I warn him just before I hit "publish."

This is another one of those examples.

Thought you’d enjoy this as much as I did – from the book "Letting Go"

Daniel F

"We can utilize courage to reinforce our desire to grow beyond our present state, because on this level, we are already getting inklings that there is something within us that we had hitherto unsuspected.

These are indicated by those sudden episodes of perfect stillness and peace in which we have great clarity, understanding, and heightened sensitivity to beauty.

We discover that it was through the music, and not because of it, that we experience our mind going suddenly still, and in that moment of stillness we were allowed to experience a greater dimension.

There may be fleeting seconds in which we feel a complete identification and oneness with others as though there were no separation. These are the moments of breaking through into the experiencing of our real inner self.

The memory of those moments is never forgotten. When they first start to happen, we don't know what they mean. We think they are accidental, just due to chance.

We attribute the feeling to external events such as the beauty of a sunset, a symphonic passage or a loving gesture - but as we investigate further, we find that these were only the circumstances that allowed something else to happen. 

They were not the cause. They allowed a certain stillness of the mind to take place, and because of that stillness we were allowed a moment in which we were able to experience something other than the chatter of our mind with it's incessant play of sensations, feelings, thoughts, emotions and memories.

In the moments when time seems to stand still, we get a glimpse of what is possible. These moments are so rewarding that they are treasured for a lifetime.

When they occur something is experienced that is very impressive. Could it be that beyond the turbulence of the world and our own mind there is silence? A realm of peace that is always waiting."

It reminds me of a few times in particular, one of them being when I lived out in Spokane during a really dark point in my life.

I was just floating through life every day like a ghost, not really feeling like I belonged anywhere, longing for meaning and purpose… My mind was cluttered with anxiety every second of the day, always felt like I had a black hole in my chest.

Anyways, I was at the doctor one day for something random (probably caused by my shitty thought/life habits) and felt sunlight hitting my face from the other side of the waiting room. There was a GIANT floor to ceiling window that I didn’t even notice because I was so lost in my own world with the most beautiful sunset.

I’m talking god rays beaming through orange, pink, blue, and purple clouds. I instantly felt such peace and stillness, completely light and realized that just like the light beaming through the clouds I can feel at peace if I shine through whatever I’m going through.

I dunno, it was one of those major moments where you just feel a shift and realize you don’t always have to feel a certain way.

-Community Moderator, Daniel F

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