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Member Follow-up! Axes of Trauma Recovery

Hey, you know, I write things sometimes that people really relate to. It's super neat. Gives me life. Shows that this thing is worthwhile.

Recently, I wrote and podcasted my hypothesis on the "Axes of Trauma Recovery" that I've seen in my life. The pillars of my trauma recovery mindset that have, quite literally, changed everything I experience day to day in the past two years.

As a reminder, those areas were: Behaviors, Environment, and Inner Landscape. Read up here!

Did I feel like an imposter making these propositions? Yeah, what else is new.

But hey, it sounds like some Motherfuckers have really seen the same things in their own lives. In response to the episode, we've been rapping about how community members have experienced these shifts or plan to enact them down the road.

This morning, community member Hotmessguru shared the specific ways she's been working in these three avenues. They are EXACTLY the sorts of things I was thinking of, and many of them are the same steps I've had to take, myself!

And, shit, she said I could share them.

Take a look at what one strong, determined, Motherfucker has been working on to make huge changes in her life!

Yes yes yes!! These are the steps I’ve taken that have hugely benefited my recovery!

-Turning OFF the news

-Staying off of Facebook

-Unfollowing and removing toxic people from my life. Including family! This includes people that struggle with and do nothing about their mental illnesses. Specifically depression.

-Refusing to take part in drama and rumor spreading. I literally say “I don’t want to know. It’s not my business”

-Adding positive, motivational, and educational podcasts/YouTube channels/Instagram accounts

-I can’t move (right now) so I started painting the interior of my house and redecorating to make it fresh and nicer

-Adding in positive influences that live a life more similar to how I want to live and challenge me to do better

-Saving money and busting my ass to buy a newer nicer and safer car

-Updating my wardrobe to clothes that fit better and are nicer

-Completely cutting alcohol out of my life-no not even 1

-Removed people from my life that drink excessively or use drugs

-Moving myself down the street from my mom in a small town with little to no crime- plus most people don’t even know I live here (no DRAMA)

-Found a job for the most amazing people where I can make my own schedule (to an extent) and take off days if I need for any reason -Changing my mindset and perspective on life to be more positive (ya that was hard )

-Quit saying “I think” and started saying “I know” or “I will”

-Never having a bad day- a few mins maybe an hour but never a bad day

-Using every morning as a new beginning. Not holding onto yesterday or it’s failures

-Learning to love myself UNCONDITIONALLY. Trauma brain, body, and all

-Figuring out that I deserve better- deserve to love myself, deserve to be happy, deserve to thrive

-Starting to eat better and become more fit-which increased my confidence

-Learning to have better emotional control (ability to slow down and think about my emotions before I react)

-Realizing failure is a part of my journey and that It is OKAY! It is not the end. It is a lesson in how not to do something next time. True failure to me NOW is the lack of even trying.

-Getting myself out of the house EVERYDAY even if it’s just for a walk

-Choosing actively change and accomplish my goals. (I’ve marked multiple off my list this year!)

-Taking on a “just fucking do it bitch” attitude

-Pushing myself to be more organized

-Pushing myself to not live by societal norms but by what I think is right

-Figuring out what I think is right

-Learning to be addicted to GOOD things. Exercise instead of food, educational podcasts instead of angsty music or hours of mindless television

Most importantly being able to actively recognize when I am moving into a bad behavior (IE eating shit food to “heal my soul”) and being able to stop. Breath/meditate and start fresh.

And you are 100% correct. If any of these slips or throws off the balance. It makes me think of yoga a bit. Mind, body, and soul must be in balance. Chakras aligned. Or everything is out of whack. You put many of my thoughts into wonderful words. I’ve been preaching this to people for months. I struggle at times just like everyone else, but I’ve found a stronger ability to get things back on track and push forwards faster and stick with it for longer periods of time. Sorry for the overload of notes seriously, making active changes in my behavior (for me that includes internal) and my surroundings has 100% changed my entire life.

The person I was 2 years ago is not the person I am today. I attribute my rapid growth to this list of things above.

Love it. Lived it. Follow these words.

Thank you, hotmessguru, for letting me share your experiences and lessons. You's a Motherfucker.

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Not dead yet.

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