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Friday Feelgood: SHORTAGE of homeless animals

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Who likes the idea of unwanted animals waiting in cages for someone to give them a forever home? NO. BODY. On any given day, I think of scared dogs wishing for someone to love them and start crying. That's not a joke. If I even open an adoptable animal webpage, I sob. I didn’t need this pandemic to worry about our needy pets.

Good news, Fuckers.

Thanks to this pandemic, things are looking up for a lot of surrendered buddies. Check out this article about animal fosters clearing out local animal shelters across the country. I'm sure you can find more in your local news, if you want to drive the feels home.

"Typically, the Atlanta Humane Society (pictured) has 500 animals in their care at any given time and as of today they only have 15 animals in their shelter"

With nothing but time on their hands, local folks have turned to doggos. The massive facilities run by the Atlanta Human Society, for instance, are empty. All of their adoptable dogs have been relocated to private homes for “fostering,” AKA slowly accepting the adoption under the shallow façade of giving them back.

This has to be a such a blessing for lone or lonely individuals, families, and folks who were already considering adopting a dog but lacked the necessary time away from work. And, the dogs are also feeling the good fortune of being released from their cold, utilitarian kennels.

So, that’s one less thing to be sad about during this weird time. Humans might be feeling caged up, but at least our surrendered pups are running free.

"The reasons are manifold. People want to help at a time when they feel helpless. Many suddenly have time to care for an animal as they work or school from home. Some simply recognize that an animal in need might also answer a sharply felt need of their own for companionship and comfort."

Personal note for verification; I’ve been trying to adopt a dog for a few weeks now, and our local animal shelter is so overrun with potential adopters that I can’t get an appointment.

There has only been an auto-response stating that they’re overwhelmed trying to keep up with the demand.

Good for them! But also, one dog, please.

From San Francisco to Chicago shelters usually faced with the daunting upward hill struggle to house animals, sit empty. 


Happy Friday! Or as I call it now that my boyfriend and roommate both work 4 days a week - Happy First Saturday!