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Free Original Resource Pt I: Stupidly simple ways to get active on shut-down days

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hey friends and fuckers! Something new for you today. I’m taking a quick pause on writing to put out a new Free Resource series.

(Let’s be honest, I made the resources this weekend and I’m already back to writing. I have a problem.)


When my conversations with Traumatized Motherfuckers seem to keep coming back to the same themes, I take it as a sign that there’s a void to be filled. I should shuttup and follow directions.

People seem to respond well to my ridiculously dumb hacks on a few common complaints – I think that’s what makes them effective - so I’m going to take a swing at making concise cheat-sheets that might help if you’re in an emotional pinch.

I think it’s clear in the “worksheets,” but these are just suggestions based on what works for me and the folks I talk to about mental health. There is room for reflection and note taking with guided questions, so you can figure out what works most efficiently for yo damn self.

Then, down the road when you inevitably wind up in the same place again, you have a bank of knowledge ready to brighten your shitty day without necessitating any soul-searching journeys when all you feel like doing is eating dry cereal in bed.

Cool? Cool.

Stupidly simple ways to get active on shut-down days

Recently, I’ve been fielding questions about motivation, boredom, and forgotten interests.

Coronavirus is causing a lot of difficult days. The uncertainty of our world seems to have worn down most people’s defenses against anxiety and depression, and they’re running into a lot of “emotionally-dense” and draining times.

When your emotions are all over the place and your brain went out fishing a week ago, it’s only logical that you end up in a slothy, shut-down state.

You don’t want to do anything but you also aren’t happy doing nothing forever. There’s no excitement, joy, or satisfaction in your day – just irreparable restlessness and discontent. Everything sounds exhausting and terrible. Even if you manage to get out of bed, brew coffee, and try to make a dent in that amazing book idea, you can’t wrangle your thoughts into one concerted direction. You fall into unhealthy coping patterns, like staring at your phone, yelling at Netflix for suggesting you aren’t still watching, and eating your heart out. It’s a lose-lose-lose, until you figure out a way to break the pattern. Until you remember what you like doing again.

So, what are some foolproof ways to inch your way back out of a total shutdown when you don’t feel up for anything, and furthermore, you can’t remember what you ever even enjoyed doing?

Are there any EASY ways to get active on shut-down days?

The answer is stupidly simple.

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