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Everyone's Autonomous with Marie D'Elephant


Hey Fuckers, today I’m sitting down with the host, personal coach, and lifestyle leader of the Everyone’s Autonomous Podcast, Marie D’Elephant.

I really love what she's doing. If I can try to summarize – the message is all about finding your own way, developing the life that you want, and having the empowerment to make it happen yourself – through recognizing your freedom of choice and finding determination. Recognizing that you’re in control and you CAN make a difference in your own world.

Also, fuck yeah. That’s what I’ve been trying to say, possibly less eloquently, myself, because a lot of trauma sufferers have the obstacle of learned helplessness to overcome. They feel doomed and damaged beyond repair. Trapped in the lives they were born into.

Specifically, Marie focuses on leaving religion behind and healing from the psychological scars that it sometimes causes. I think it’s useful for a lot of people who are still trying to understand how their upbringing has affected them long term, and religion is an important influence that we might not originally consider as a source of trauma… And I’m so glad to have heard about her, because it needs to be discussed but I can’t say that I’m a good leader on the topic.

I grew up in a godless household, and my only interaction with religion came in high school when I went to church with one of my friends for a few years. Church, bible study, youth group – I did all the things. It was a moderate evangelical church, so talking in tongues and prayer healing, and all that. Pretty extreme to go from zero to “channel the holy spirit.” At the time, I really needed the sense of community and support that it offered. It had a positive function in my life. But I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy, so I didn’t stick it out with Jesus for too long.

Beyond that, I think the religious trauma should be left to the professionals. Those who have escaped, deconverted, and reconstructed their lives around Autonomy instead of Abusive Shame.

For more information on Marie D'Elephant (coolest name ever), check out Everyone's Autonomous. Find her podcast, coaching work, and even some badass photography. Follow this woman.

With any luck, we'll be in touch again soon.

Traumatized Motherfxckers

Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

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