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Contribute to the 'Cast!

You know what I'm tired of? Hearing my own damn voice.

This ain't about me, it's about all MFs. Lend a hand?

There are areas of this Traumatized life that could use some crowd-sourced input. 

If you're experienced with any of the upcoming podcast projects below, please send in your story!


I would love to feature it on the podcast, blog, and newsletter - don't worry, anonymity is allowed/encouraged.


Write in, and avoid hearing your own voice. I really get it.

If your audio file is too big to upload... Alright, wordy MF, send your shit here!

We're listening.

Interview Idea Questions. Take your pick.


Where are you from?

When did your Trauma start?

 What WAS your family like then?

What IS your family like today?

Was there generational Trauma?

When did C-PTSD present itself in your life?

What were/are your ailments (mental or physical)?

How did you try to cope?

How was life impacted by the onslaught of Trauma symptoms?

What were the impacts on your life?

What are your triggers?

How do you experience flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety, etc?

When did you start therapy?

When were you diagnosed with Complex Trauma?

What have your therapy experiences been like?

What have you learned in recovery so far?

What are your favorite educational resources?

How has your life changed since starting recovery?

What has been the most important tool in your recovery?

Do you have a spiritual practrice?

What are your daily management tools?

Do you talk to your family about what happened?

Have you spoken to anyone in your life about C-PTSD?

What do you wish other people could understand?

What have you overcome? What are you still working on?

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