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Traumatized Motherfuckers 


"It's amazing how quickly we've grown! Every day new topics are brought up and new threads created. I truly feel this is the safe haven for my mental health I've been seeking for so long! I especially enjoy the fact that we have people around the world so that theres someone to talk to always. Thanks for this!"

      -Mark, Motherfucker and spontaneous testimonial producer

Are you Looking for the

new Motherfucking Blanket Fort?

The full hour-long research episodes you've been missing,

the bonus posts, polls, merch giveaways,

and community learning with THE REAL MOTHERFUCKERS changing their lives.

Launching May 2021

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THE  Traumatized Motherfuckers 

Private BETA Discord Community

June 2020

Community  Trauma  support, is  Now  available  By

 Desktop  Browser and Mobile App

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Q: What is "Discord?" 

Discord is a FREE website, PC, and phone app that enables private communities to connect and share, from anywhere, in real time.

Think of a Facebook group with more options... and without having to use Facebook.

(Please, if you have Trauma, get off)


Q: What's the benefit? 

Rather than accessing to read blogs, comment, or connect... 

You'll have the accessibility of an app that does it all, AND MORE, 

right from your pocket or desktop.

Join real-time discussion rooms. Send private messages. Upload photos and videos.

Check in for daily inspiration. Q&A Administrator TMFRs.

Hop on "office hours" video chats. 

(AKA, every communicative tool you need to stay in touch, without the hassle)

Q: What's the catch?


As long as you follow the rules and contribute to the community, you're gold.

If you're a butthole or don't participate, make way for someone else to join.

Q: Who should apply to join?

Anyone with a Traumatized past looking to create a Trauma-free future.

Folks who are serious about mental health management and trauma recovery. 

People with something to say, support to offer, and a desire for community.

Q: "Apply to join?"

That's right. You're gonna get vetted.

It's a community of people who "get it," and have something insightful to say.

We're here to support each other, not lurk in the shadows or use reductive thinking.

Traumatized Motherfuckers is for us, by us.


Sensitive topics deserve sensitive audiences. No normies needed.


Q: How does membership work?


We're taking a handful of new members to test the beta version for free.

You apply, get approved, and get a private invite to our new Discord channel.

Use Discord via web browser, download the PC app, or put it on your phone.

Available universally.

Then... start interacting.

Help us design a community that truly supports your trauma recovery effort 

through user support, resource sharing, and daily inspirations.

Tell us how we're doing and what else you need.


Q: Why should I help you?

Well, Fucker, you'll get grandfathered in before membership is metered.

We're keeping the group private, safe, and personal.

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