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Welcome to Traumatized Motherfuckers









Trauma mindset support and C-PTSD community

A COmplex Trauma diagnosis is just the beginning

Trauma doesn't come with a handbook.

Instead, it rides with a posse of fucked up core beliefs and mental illnesses

to make things extra unpredictable and individually-isolating.

Professional help is step one... and then what? 

Relief mixed with confusion? Good streaks followed by rapid relapses?

Difficult relationships with friends, family, and work places?

Endlessly looping cycles of self-abuse?

The belief that this "flight and crash" pattern is forever?

If you're ready to take control of your trauma brain, start making changes,

and actualize the life you were meant to live... for more than 3 days.

You might be a



I sent it to my husband and my therapist with a note saying that it described EXACTLY how I experience anxiety. I have never felt so validated or less alone, and I cannot tell you how rare and valuable that experience was for me.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I appreciate what you are doing with this blog and I hope it gives people a place to vent and help each other. I probably won’t be a good role model, but at least a decent cautionary tale for others: deal with your shit or it will deal with you.

Your message is refreshing, empowering and motivating.  Most importantly, in my view, is the acknowledgement that people are not alone.  Help those Motherfuckers move forward, take control of those things over which they have control and shed the victim mentality.

Please, please  keep doing it. I’ve never been able to laugh at my diagnosis, let alone have the courage to face it if it weren’t for you, & what you’ve started here; thank you.


What is COMPLEX trauma?

In short, complex trauma, or C-PTSD, is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

that stems from repeat childhood experiences.

It is especially difficult to treat because of the developmental stage of the brain

at the time of trauma. Lives are formed around unknown C-PSTD.

Unstable homes, domestic abuse, addiction, sexual abuse, poverty, sudden loss...

these events stick with us in insidious ways that often hide for decades.

They lodge themselves in the body, implant fucked up core beliefs,

and change the wiring of the brain.

Autoimmune disorders are common. Panic attacks are a way of life.

Self-hate, fear, and helplessness run rampant. 

Anxiety and depression are constant companions.

Why "Traumatized Motherfuckers?"


Trauma survivors often follow two paths:

1) retreating from life, avoiding emotions, considering themselves victims, and resenting the world that 'owes them something' or 'doomed them'

2) integrating their traumas, finding lessons in the suffering, and approaching obstacles with more grit and resilience than 'normies' could muster.

When you're ready to take accountability for your mental health and start the process of rewiring your trauma brain. When you stop feeling wronged, recognize your suffering isn't a unique experience, and no longer view yourself as helpless.

When you're prepared to forgive your past and move forward towards a better future

with all the grit, determination, and resilience gathered from hard living... 

You're not a trauma victim, you're a Traumatized Motherfucker.

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Youre not alone MotherFucker

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No matter what phase of trauma recovery you're in right now, we've been there.

Whether you're seeking therapy, years into a trauma rehabilitation program,

or struggling with PTSD artifacts, like depression and anxiety...

the road to trauma management is winding and filled with mudslides.


The good news is, you can get a hold on your trauma symptoms.  

You can live without anxiety and anger. You can control your fate.

You can make lasting change and start building the life you want.

And you don't have to do it alone.

There are millions of us out there, looking for someone to relate to.

Proof that we aren't independently damaged and doomed.

You aren't on your own.

And we understand what you're going through.

Step one is therapy. 

Step two is supporting a recovery mindset.

Because clinical information doesn't make you get out of bed every day.

Let's change our outlook long enough to learn to live again.​

It gets easier every day.

Living Anxious, Isolated, and Angry?

Join the Motherfucking Club

When every minute feels like a personal hell, sometimes you just want to know you aren't alone, damaged, or doomed.

When it comes to living with complex trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression & more, support matters.

Hearing that you aren't "the only one" can be extremely healing.

Laughing a little helps, too.

Become a member for free! No strings attached.

Gain access to every blog post and free original resource as soon as its published

One of Us! One of Us!

Traumatized Motherfxckers

Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

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