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Not Doomed Not Damaged

Not dead yet

Complex  Trauma Recovery Support

A grassroots Trauma REcovery support and CPTSD community

Complex Trauma? Complex Life.

Trauma doesn't come with a handbook.

It rides with a posse of fucked up core beliefs, inner critics, and mental illnesses 

to make things extra unpredictable and individually-isolating.


Anxiety, depression, obsession, flashbacks, fear, hopelessness, stagnancy, isolation.

Professional help is step one... and then what? 

It's easy to feel like a victim, it's difficult to take the reins and make steps towards building a life you actually want.

If you're ready to take control of your trauma brain, you might be a




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& Community

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& Interviews

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& Analyze

Have a great trauma recovery tip? Looking to overcome a particular challenge? Wanna start a behavioral analysis study? 


Living Anxious, Isolated, and Angry?

Feel like you're uniquely doomed? Just born "wrong?"

(sorry, Motherfucker... you ain't that special)

When every minute feels like a personal hell, it helps to know YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE.

We're here to connect over similar struggles, open up about ugly days, and share our successes.

"Trauma" doesn't make you a "victim,"

But it might make you a real Motherfucker.

Why the harsh label?

Read the FAQ

You Are not alone

No matter how out of control you feel, a lot of us feel the same.

You aren't the only one struggling with crippling fear and helplessness.

You aren't "just difficult." You aren't destined to be alone, agoraphobic, or ill.

Whether you're seeking therapy, years into a trauma rehabilitation program,

or simply struggling, the road to trauma management is lonely.


The good news is, you can improve your trauma symptoms.  

You can live without anxiety and agitation. You can find your motivation.

You can build the life you want in the face of fear.

And you don't have to do it alone.

Support your trauma recovery mindset with people who understand.

(Because clinical articles and "look on the bright side" can't get you out of bed every day.)

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Traumatized Motherfxckers

Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

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