You Are Not Alone

You know that whole "Trauma victims can heal more completely if their need for connection is met by family, friends, therapists, or other social outlets" thing? 

You also know that "but I'm tired of trying to explain the unexplainable to others" thing?

That's why this exists.

Welcome to the TMFR private community.
A home for recovery-minded Fuckers who've never felt like they had a place before.
To talk about things they've never voiced before.
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Blanket Fort

Private community and
full Podcast episode stream

Jump into the interactive Traumatized Motherfucker experience. Answer polls and merch callouts, discuss the private episode posts, and get to know your MFs. Hear from me (Jess), as if you need more of that. Jump into the CLOSED DOOR, Niched-down Discord, and chat in real time with Fuckers from around the world who are working on moving past their trauma, right from your phone or PC. 

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Beta Fort

The wild West

The 2020 first attempt at creating a community. You know... Being all-inclusive and all-free doesn't always work out. Lots of trauma perspectives, differing commitment levels, and no promise that anyone is going to answer you (because they joined the "why not, it's free" club). Enter at your own risk.  Applications are checked sparingly these days, because I believe in the real, committed, higher quality community being a better resource for all.

An ethical trauma-note on the TMFR Community. 


There are inherent risks and rewards with any of our relationships; it’s the nature of CPTSD, ya heard? 


Please know that this private group exists because:

  1. You’ll learn immediately that you aren’t alone in this. The shit in your head and subsequent life outcomes are shockingly unoriginal, despite your best efforts to convince yourself you’re uniquely screwed. 

  2. You can learn from each other. People have already waded through the sewage you haven’t tackled yet, and vice-versa. Take real life tips and skip the hard-earned lessons; help others do the same.

  3. You can practice safe, healthy relationships with appropriate boundaries and realistic personal expectations (for both self and other, fucking Fawners). 




All of this being said.


There are dangers in “trauma connecting.” There are dangers in spending TOO much time talking-trauma (can attest). There are dangers in exposing yourself to others' trauma. And there are dangers in starting to rely on others before relying on yerdamnself. 

The point being…




Enter the community knowing what it does provide - comradery with strangers like you’ve never seen. Self-acceptance. Other-acceptance. Unfiltered conversations about your dark bits. Celebrations of the good days, unravelment of the shit ones. 


But also what it doesn’t provide.... This isn’t a crisis resource. This isn’t a professionally moderated discussion board. This isn’t a board to recklessly trauma-vomit before taking time for yourself, ideally with your therapist. 


This is a community for people like you, with real lives, real strengths, AND real shortcomings… who are trying to relearn how to live a life they didn't get a chance at, using information they never got the first go-around. 


Same goes for the podcast. 

Let's be responsible and respectful, with our self recovery always first in mind and others' opinions last. 


Love you Fuckers. Get safe-connection building.