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Helping Hands

December 2021

We're all here to make a difference. To find purpose. To give bad times good meaning. So, let's pass the buck to the next MF who needs a leg up. 

In need of something specific? Create a Callout by emailing me. Describe your need. Tell us a bit about you and your trauma recovery journey. Provide your email and pertinent contact info. I'll post your story, and let's see if we can match you up with someone who's in a place to help.

Looking to make positive change in this MF world? Answer a Callout by emailing me with the relevant post number and what you want to offer. I'll send exchange your contact info OR anonymously answer the post on your behalf, mediating donations and new connections to get the job done. 

Resource Callouts

Funds for therapy, supplies for staying safe, toys for tots, help with higher education, resources for residency, money for medical needs... Been there.

What's holding you back from your "next step forward"?

Let's link up folks with lack and with excess. Let's make real change.

Connection Callouts

Sometimes we don't need physical help....

we need validation, advice, and connection during times of struggle.

We need reliable people who actually understand what we're going through.


Need a pen pal or real life friend for something in particular?

Tell us what you're struggling with - PTSD comes in MANY forms - and let's see if someone else has been through your unique brand of hell before/currently.

"Assorted" Callouts

How else can we help? Need advice, service/provider recommendations, local guides, GoFundMe social media shares, help to accomplish organized goals,

or godknowswhatelse?


Shout it out.

There are experienced MFs everywhere who've already learned the lessons you're toiling through OR know how you can find help.

About "Helping Hands Classifieds"

In reflection of 2021... I can never be grateful enough for those who helped with:

Supporting this project

Archie's medical diagnostics, meds, and end of life tour

Giving me a place to sleep

Sending messages of care and compassion while I lost my shit

Making this platform a worldwide, accessible, self-supporting education effort 

Letting me do THIS instead of selling my brain to capitalism.

It hasn't been easy... but it will never be lost on me that I'm the minority.

Part of a privileged population who can get educated, pay out the nose for insurance, and "pass" for a "normal" human, even while living in a tent.


This Classifieds Page is a brand new effort to connect folks with resources to spare

with MFs who haven't been able to consistently rely on others,

at times when they just need a boost in the right direction.


We all need help sometimes.

We all hate to ask for it.

But we all want to give it.

We often just don't know how.

If you're like this MF, you can get lost in projected pain of others.

You might cry, abstractly thinking about the suffering of the world

or particular people you lost to it. 

You might feel like you can never do enough.

And that might break your heart... Until you start to build walls around it.

"Shutting down" that empathic crack in your armor so you can keep battling.

Numbing out the needs of others seems to be the usual human response

in the face of feeling powerless to make a difference. 

Instead, let's do the harder thing.

Let's open up, hear the ways others need help,

and be MORE vulnerable instead of self-protective.

Let's be the influence for others that we once needed, for our selves.

If you've ever had help staying afloat, consider being someone else's life raft.

Share what you can.

Every act matters.

No one is alone in this.

Motherfuckers watch out for Motherfuckers.

Let's keep reaching our hands back to pull up the person who follows.

Cheers Fuckers.

Saving space for success stories here

This is brand new, 12/11/21 (palindrome much?),

so I'm keeping a placeholder

for the support stories I KNOW will follow.

Your testimonial goes here.

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