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Support Fellow Trauma Recoverees

Ya know, sometimes it feels like there's no way to "help enough." 


Not every Fucker is so lucky to have access to a podcast or support community.

For many,"fixing the brain" is a low priority compared to just surviving.

The privilege to get therapy, to get support, and even to get indoors isn't lost here.

The devastating enmeshment of trauma, addiction, and poverty is a personal passion.

One I've been privileged to "escape" with a lot of assistance and good fortune.

Part of the MF mission is spreading more than education...

Also developing ways to provide practical, physical help to those in significant need

of care, understanding, and assistance getting back on their feet.

I'm just one person. You're just one person. But together, we're a MF force.

If you have resources to spare, please consider donating to trauma survivors through TMFRs or directly to the causes below.

Donate through TMFRs

My oldest brother spent time homeless on Lower Wacker Dr in the arc of his decade+ opiate addiction. Many years since, my fam organized winter supplies collections for the homeless - personally distributing blankets, warm weather gear, personal care items, and healthy nonperishables to encampments in downtown Chicago.


From my brother, we learned an important lesson - Everyone knows about the need for blankets and coats, but not everyone considers the necessity of things like handwarmers, toiletry items, and socks. So we try to make up the difference. I'd like to further that goal with this platform.


Donate cash through Paypal with a note ("Donate this, Fucker" is acceptable) and I'll turn dollars into donatable items commonly needed during Midwest winters, to be hand-distributed or donated to local dispersement charities.


Coats, gloves, blankets, housewares, books, animal items, etc. to unload, instead? Send me a message, I'll tell you where to ship them and make sure they land in good hands. 

I'll save receipts and photos, no need to doubt where your donation is going.

Donate through these guys

Looking to send supplies or cash donations straight to a reputable 501c? No worries, TMFRs isn't there yet (anyone know how to set these things up?) and I understand the need for confidence in your donation, as well as tax benefits. 


If you're looking for effective charities in this local region (sour home Chicago, for me) please consider supporting these compassionate projects, providers, and ways to get involved:

(providing warm showers for homeless - this one really chokes a MF up)

Still looking for something that speaks to you? Check out the trusted organizations and ideas in this article: 

Looking for charity near YOU? Try searching for your local food bank, warming centers, VA, women's shelters, halfway houses, humane societies, and homeless organizations.

Sponsor a Fucker

This "community healing" project enables something pretty amazing... the opportunity to directly support each other. I've seen it personally in the Discord and through the show - callouts for help and available helping hands, uniting people with similar pasts and present struggles, and supporting our friends directly through shit times.

We have the power to make a difference, amongst ourselves, in the name of trauma recovery and ending generational CPTSD. 

Looking to help someone with a specific challenge or need? Well let's get connected. 

Introducing, the TMFRs "Helping Hands Classifieds" page.


Need help getting therapy? Getting on your feet? Giving your kid a healthy holiday? Getting friends who "get" exactly what you're going through and have sanity support to lend?


Post or answer a "MF Callout" through the provided contact forms, and let me mediate the connection.


Let's help each other, one on one. We can make the difference, we can be the change, we can lend the support we've always needed ourselves.  

If you've ever received help or accepted excess... consider passing it along. If there's one thing this platform has proven, it's our ability as "regular people" to make an extraordinary difference.

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