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Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

ATL - CHI - 2019

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I've said it before and I'll say it again - I can't do this alone!

I'm one motherfucker with a laptop, sore eyes, and early onset carpal tunnel. My 3 jobs can't cover all the costs of getting this community project marketed appropriately to the TMFRs out there who need it. 

I commission trauma-themed art with commercial licenses; Print On Demand services make it come to life; Traumatized Motherfuckers makes a few bucks (literally) on each sale.

Proceeds used to reimburse online expenses, further marketing efforts & new projects, and ultimately establish a

sponsorship fund for trauma warriors in times of acute need. 

Shop Traumatized Motherfuckers original art, help get the MF word out, and contribute to keeping this thing afloat!