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ATL - CHI - 2019

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How you Feel Supported

Complex Trauma and PTSD are scary diagnoses for everyone involved.

From the inside, the mix of mental and physical ailments is overwhelming, largely unpredictable, and difficult to describe.

From the outside, I can only imagine that it's completely baffling to observe and attempt to offer help 

- especially during heightened triggered times.

A loving hug might feel like a claustrophobic attack.

Giving space might spark fears of abandonment.

Devoted pursuits might look like abuse throwbacks.

"Keep your chin up" might be rebuffed with "Git Fucked."

So, how can loved ones and life associates truly help to support their Traumatized Motherfucking friends

- both, in times of Trauma States and throughout regular life?

Fill in as many or as few of the prompts below to share the ways you can accept help and feel supported.

What really works for you? How do you co-regulate your physiology? 


Alternatively, send me an email. Tell me about how you receive support, however you feel comfortable. I'm all eyes. 

How Do you Feel Supported?
What do you struggle with?

What happens with my info?

Not much. The only intention is to publish users' input under the Our Stories blog, to develop helpful resources with firsthand experiential knowledge, plus sharing helpful insights in the newsletter. 


If you don't want that much exposure, no worries. Use the alias field and I'll keep your name to myself.