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ATL - CHI - 2019

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Lessons Learned

My guess is, we all have some immense personal challenges under our belts.

We've probably mismanaged our emotions, our frustrations, and our lives at various times in this Trauma journey.

We've probably lost relationships and respect for ourselves at various points. We've all likely beat ourselves up for past mistakes and years miserably wasted. 

Luckily, since we're still standing upright, that also means we've probably learned a lot.

With personal insight comes personal responsibility to help chart the map for subsequent journeymen and women.


What difficult lessons have you picked up that could help others?

What have you learned that you wish you could explain to your younger, reeling, self-abusive self?

If you could save someone from self-hate and feeling "wrong," what would you tell them?

If you were giving advice to a kiddo with newly diagnosed Complex trauma, what would you tell them?

What have you learned to let go?

What have you learned truly matters?

Fill in as many of the fields below as desired.

Let's arm the newest Motherfuckers with the most relieving, most forgiving, most effective information we have to catalyze their Trauma journey.


Alternatively, send me an email. Tell me about yourself, however you feel comfortable. I'm all eyes. 

Lessons Learned
What do you struggle with?

What happens with my info?.

Not much. The only intention is to publish users' input under the Our Stories blog, creating novel resources for education purposes, plus sharing awesome insights in the newsletter. 


If you don't want that much exposure, no worries. Use the alias field and I'll keep your name to myself.