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Yer voice is needed

So, here’s the lowdown – we’re a community healing centered effort. That means we learn from each other, through connecting about what we’ve seen and are currently dealing with.

Every month we publish podcast submissions from real MFs to broaden the perspective and deepen the mutual understanding of what life on trauma really looks like.

Take a story, share a story, and keep the view widening!

Wanna contribute? Here’s everything you need to know.


What do we want? Your words, preferably recorded so we can hear YOU.

When do we want em? Anytime! Stay "on track" with upcoming topics, or send what you've got when you've got it.

What do we want them on? See the list of recent and upcoming topics, below!


Missed a topic? No worries, we always take spill over.

Wanna share something different? Fucking do it. We want that too. What’ve you got?

Can I share my “whole story”? Mhmm, we’re listening. What’s your life been like on CPTSD?

Can I share “part of it”? Fuck yeah, whatever you want to focus on. Pre-diagnosis, post-diagnosis, and beyond. Be as specific and weird as you want.

Will it be published immediately? Nah son (ng’d), not usually. It takes a beat to review and fit it into the show, with feedback if you want it. But don’t worry, it’s in the queue! Painting a picture week by week.

How do I do it? Here we go!


To prepare and submit a recording:

Hint one: The Focus Hurdle. We all got it. Start small, with one aspect of your recovery or a continued challenge you seek advice on. Decide what you want to say and make an outline if you’re worried about your thoughts trailing off. Some MFs write out their full submission, some free ball it. We love both. Don’t overthink it, everyone is stoked on hearing from you.


Hint two: Equipment. Use any recording software – VoiceRecorder on your phone works fine! To upgrade, consider that Anchor thing that everyone uses (self included). Plug in a basic set of headphones so we can hear ya loud and clear.


Hit three: Don’t listen to yourself if it makes you uncomfortable! We’re all fighting the “I hate my voice” battle. Have confidence that what you record is good nuf, and that’s good nuf. No perfectionistic or self-critical tendencies encouraged.

Hint four: Submit with ease. Send the recording to with the information below (copy-pasted is easiest) into the email with your responses, so we can organize efficiently and respect your share boundaries!

Header: Recording Submission (Name and Topic)


Preferred community name and gender:

Where can folks find you? The Comments, Provided Email, Discord Server, No Contact Just Sharing (note as many as you want)

Where are you comfortable sharing? Private Platform, All Tiers. Private Platform, Bonus Tiers. Public platform (note as many as you want)

Do you want my feedback included on your podcast episode? Yes / No (either is fine)

*Link or attachment to recording*




Recent and upcoming topics (most needed):


Internal Family Systems (IFS), “Letting Go,” and a hint of Brainspotting

Reforming relationships and building new ones

Intimacy, vulnerability, and trust in CPTSD

Parenting with Complex Trauma

Psychedelics and healing



Ongoing and “need your help to build the conversation” topics:

No contact, limited contact, remaking contact

“Parts” and methods for parts work

Experiences pre-diagnosis, post-diagnosis, and throughout recovery

Therapy failures… and successes! Got any?

Societal trauma (poverty, extremism, overwork, toxic narratives, chronic instability, racism and beyond)

Health and body trauma, body distrust


Adoption Trauma

Emotional abuse, relationships, and social trauma patterns on repeat


Interview Options!

Want to connect with one of the main MFs around here for an interview style recording? Let us know, we’re here for it.


Caveat: must be open to new perspectives.

Send me an email to with the info below:


Header: Interview Request (Name and Topic)


Who do you wanna connect with? Jess, Incanthatus, Other ____________

What’s the topic of choice?

Any burning questions to start churning over on our part? (Get noticed, give us a good one!)

All pertinent info

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