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Mods and Mentors

Wanna put your recovery to good use?

We're always looking for those with strong trauma insight and interpersonal skills to help foster a greater support system.

Here's the breadown of Mods and Mentors:

Mods do this such as:
Help with running the Discord community daily
Welcome new members and help them navigate
Respond regularly to posts and offer support
Pose regular Qs to the community to encourage discussion

Mentors take-on tasks like: 
Contribute to the show consistently, act as co-hosts of the platform
Connect with members one-on-one for personal help
"Specialize" in areas of expertise and ask for Qs to clarify
Facilitate, add to, and summarize monthly discussions 

Must be beyond "trauma beginner" status
Strong interpersonal and emotional intelligence required
Must be able to manage commitment for at least 3 months
No wandering ducks, gotta be caught up on the show
Must be active and recovery-oriented member of the community

^ Tell me about yerself! ^
What are you looking to experience?
What can / can't you offer?
What has you extra-equipped to help?
How familiar are you with the show and Discord?
What commitments are you willing to make?

And let's see if you're a great fit for the community!

Take it one step futher. How about joining the "Inner Circle"?

Help me decide future topics and community changes
Offer feedback on MINE OWN SHIT
Interpersonally connect with other IC members
Collaborate and expand on the show

Read up on the TMFR Next Evolution Daily Drop and Zen Discord Server to find out if we're a good match!

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