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ATL - CHI - 2019

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Tips and Tricks

Been around the depression block a few times?

Learn something useful during your months of self-isolation?

Figure out an efficient way to extinguish your nerves?

Do tell.

For the good of the community and future Fuckers everywhere, let's get our best management tips and tricks out there.

What helps you - mentally or physically? How do you keep yourself together? What tools do you wish you learned sooner?

Fill out the form below and share!

Alternatively, send me an email. Tell me about yourself, however you feel comfortable. I'm all eyes. 

Share your Trauma story
What do you struggle with?

What happens with my info?


Not much. The only intention is to publish users' stories under the Our Stories blog, plus linking 

to your tale in the newsletter. 


If you don't want that much exposure, no worries. Use the alias field and I'll keep your name to myself.