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ATL - CHI - 2019

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A huge piece of my vision with this project is to create realistic, relatable resources - not only to provide support and management tools for other Trauma sufferers, but also to help educate their closest loved ones and change the societal understanding. Time and time again, Traumatized Motherfuckers say they're exhausted trying to explain themselves.


In daily life they feel misunderstood.

In committed relationships they feel crazy.

In family settings they feel vilified.

Educating an outsider on the deeply entangled biological and social nuances of Complex PTSD is a tall order for one... Especially when the insider doesn't have all the answers, themselves.

So let's get educated together.


How to help:

Click through the sub-pages for specific topics and writing prompts. Submit whatever you're comfortable with.

I'll only share what feels safe for you.

· Share what it's REALLY like living with Trauma ·

 · Inspire with your Trauma Narrative ·

· Detail your most helpful tips and tricks for calming nerves on fire ·

· Explain the ways loved ones can make you feel supported and safe ·

· Send sentiments you wish you could share with your younger self ·

I want to collect our knowledge, our experiences, and our personal revelations to create a REAL Trauma education bank.

I hope to gather personal accounts of the most difficult days living in a Trauma State and the most helpful ways to

manage the diagnosis - for sufferers and the framilies who desperately want to support them. Let's normalize the

Trauma experience for fellow sufferers, empower them to continue growing, and finally improve our societal 

understanding of C-PTSD.


Want to share something else?

Good. Send me an email anytime.