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ATL - CHI - 2019

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Tell your Tale

Want to be a real Motherfucker? Be brave enough to be vulnerable. Start your story.

No writing experience necessary.

Look, motherfuckers. I can write about my personal trauma pitfalls and uprisings all day long... but this isn't about me. 

This is about us connecting with each other and taking control of our traumatized histories. 

I know, most people don't want to bring up shit-feelings or get overwhelmed with writing traum-autobiographies,

but (the research and I) think it's a critical path to processing, empowerment, and connection.

It's called trauma narration, and it's a powerful tool for integrating and processing difficult life events in your thinker box.


Here are the ways to contribute: 

I made it easy for you - just fill in the fields below if you don't know where to start your story.

Alternatively, send me an email. Tell me about yourself, however you feel comfortable. I'm all ears. 

If you're still not into it, no prob! Have a chat, phone, or RL convo with me and I'll do the writing work...

or finally start the interview podcast. 

Share your Trauma story
What do you struggle with?

What happens with my info?


Not much. The only intention is to publish users' stories under the Our Stories blog, plus linking 

to your tale in the newsletter. 


If you don't want that much exposure, no worries. Use the alias field and I'll keep your name to myself.