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Private Community

Behind the public platfrom there's a place for deeper learning and connection.

The "Full Traumatized Motherfuckers Project" is a closed-door community for disclosure, safe connection, and speaking about harder points in recovery.
It creates the "easy listening" versions of the public shows and blog posts.

Here's the scoop!

The TMFR System

Traumatized Motherfuckers is hosted through Patreon to create a brave space
for MFs who are commited to growth, and to keep this DIY project churning.

It's not for "spewing." It's not for lamenting. It's for recovery.

In it, you'll find:

Your private podcast streaming link, which will automatically update with new episodes each week through your favorite podcasting service

Monthly research topics and community-submitted episodes reflecting on the subject through real CPTSD-recovery experiences

A Discord Support Community option, for finding support from real MFs around the world, day or night, through a mobile or PC-friendly chat interface

Advanced resource material options, including bonus episodes, videos, episode transcripts, and worksheets that accompany relevant posts

And here's the lowdown on all the community & learning options!

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