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Just getting over my worst fears and recording a video. No makeup, all head sweat. I'll leave this here.

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Introduce yourself, Che

So, my one page introduction to my’s a story that can’t be told in a linear fashion, because I don't think that way, but I’ve got

Two brains: Anti-self behaviors

It can’t be a coincidence that deleterious behaviors we don’t want to engage in take place in correlation with this dissociation experience.

Member Post: Family Estrangement

Another post today from Community Badass, Doanya! MF's always spitting serious words for us (with all the dark humor and sarcasm you could dream of). Here, we have a quick article and reflection on something she's been dealing with like a soldier, settling up with family estrangement. First, the article! Then, the way she's been viewing and organizing her own family distancing. Sauce: The Shame and Guilt of Family Estrangement Why we turn our decision to cut ties with our family in on ourselves. Posted Sep 2

CPTSD AAAM; Archie As A Metaphor

He just needs the support to learn a few new skills, to stop living in the cage created by things he hasn’t experienced yet, and to perfect

The cycle of narcissistic abuse and C-PTSD

Who has bad taste in romantic partners? I do! No matter how many times I think I’m choosing wisely… uh… I’m not. Plain and simple, I don’t know how to choose a good human for my significant other. Am I a chronic dater? Just taking whatever comes my way? Nope, actually I love my alone time and I don’t seek out romantic partners, well, ever really. Too energetically and emotionally expensive. Complicated. Stressful. Painful. Dangerous. No, I’m not one of those girls who always needs to be with someone to feel whole, myself. I’ve spent many years single, and dare I say, occasionally even thriving? But don’t worry… somehow, every time I do manage to make a connection with someone, you’d better b

An Experiment in Workaholism; Behavior Analysis & CPTSD

Alright, so if you've been here long you've probably heard this story already. When was the last time I had to take a "hiatus?" Oh yeah, like two months ago. Annnnd here we are again. You know I have a fucking problem with NOT working? I can't imagine filling my day with anything except leaping from task to task, continually "producing?" But no matter how much I accomplish, I really never fucking feel any better? Well, if you didn't hear about that already, that's my life. Honestly, yeah, I have a lot on my plate. Two jobs, getting my MS in Applied Behavior Analysis, this "trauma project" that counts as at least another part-timer, a very broken dog-child who requires near-constant attention

Over-stimulation and Trauma Brains

This is why certain stimuli might not bother anyone in the room, except you. It’s not because you’re dramatic, difficult, or aiming for atte

Just a journal entry from a stressed day

Just wanted to share a random example of me talking to myself via writing. It's always an effective way for me to tap into whatever is bothering me so I can move the fuck on. I've been feeling flooded with stimulation, information, and expectation to the point of dizziness today. Mental and physical exhaustion. Having trouble concentrating on studying. Finding the sensation of having "hit a wall" and run out of brain capacity. So, I took a mopey minute and typed to myself. It's nothing shocking or innovative below, just my thoughts on paper and potential fixes for the way I'm feeling. Since so many people are journaling-averse, I thought it might be a good idea to show how rudimentary writin

Childhood Emotional Neglect

Growing up with a mentally ill mother, I learned to stay under the radar—to avoid drawing attention to myself in my home and later in the wo

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What do you struggle with? How do you keep it together? What keeps you motivated? Where are you going?

Traumatized Motherfxckers

Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

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