Traumatized Motherfuckers


Just getting over my worst fears and recording a video. No makeup, all head sweat. I'll leave this here.

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Dear dad. My unsent letter.

Years ago, my therapist asked me to write this letter, fold it up, and burn it. I never did. The other day, it came streaming out unprovoked

Research: Freeze States

Let’s talk about the cause of this survival strategy, the physiology of Freezing, the impacts on our lives, and a piece of research on the f

C-PTSD and physical symptoms

The full list of potential ailments is unknown… but here are some common complaints connected with physical effects of unmanaged trauma.

The Trauma Genre; Punk rock saved my life

Ever look back at your life and think “huh, actually I guess I did alright, considering the clusterfuck?” when you’re forcing yourself to be honest? (or, let’s be real, when your therapist is telling you so.) Maybe it isn’t how you see yourself. Maybe you have a laundry list of perceived failures and self-resentments. Maybe you try not to think of your upbringing and extenuating circumstances at all. I get that. But, if you roll all the external factors together, take an objective stance, and pretend you’re looking at someone else’s life, do you find that suddenly the story seems more inspiring than you normally recognize? Go ahead and give your kiddo self the same consideration you would gi

Tia Shares her amazing art

I have complex PTSD, Major Depression, and Anxiety, my photos are meant to cause people to feel a wide spectrum of emotions

Getting started with Therapy

So, how to finally get started seeing a therapist after years of ignoring the idea or finding that you wind up disappointed?

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What do you struggle with? How do you keep it together? What keeps you motivated? Where are you going?

Traumatized Motherfxckers

Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

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