Traumatized Motherfuckers


Just getting over my worst fears and recording a video. No makeup, all head sweat. I'll leave this here.

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Punk Rock Podcast: Anxious and Angry

Punk is the Trauma Genre of music. Gather all the angry, poor, white kids with shit families and terrible coping skills. Now give them instr

Ron's Anxiety Advice

The first thing I urge people to understand about self-medication is that alcohol and nicotine are both anxiolytic which means that they red


I’m done with not healing from this shit. Would love to meet other traumatized mofos, so we can rejoice in being survivors.


I am a male, suffering from childhood and career-related trauma and PTSD.

Intro to Trenee

However, my current isolation status and living everyday as if I'm invisible, is actually making me disappear.


Turns out my higher ed didn't teach me to fix me.

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What do you struggle with? How do you keep it together? What keeps you motivated? Where are you going?

Traumatized Motherfxckers

Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

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