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Not dead yet.

ATL - CHI - 2019

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Our MF Stories

How can we jumpstart the community, connect with others, and start settling the stigma?

Gonna have to share.


Peruse the assortment of readings below and find out if you're really a MF.


Here's the lowdown on what you'll find:

- Jess Loses It (All) -

From abused agoraphobic to mental health rioter. Who's behind this whole shindig... and why?

- Traumatized Motherfuckers -

Our past and current stories. Who's out there and what have you overcome?

- Lessons From Hell -

Shit we've learned along the way. Helpful tools, educational resources, and real inspiration.

- Resources -

The best books, podcasts, videos, and online articles for getting your trauma brain in order.

Tell Your Story!

We've all seen some shit. Tell us about you. Where'd you start, where are you now, what happened in between? How'd you do it?

What do you struggle with? How do you keep it together? What keeps you motivated? Where are you going?


Tell us about your motherfucking life.

Got a great story, a cool coping skill, or an inspiring idea? I want to interview you.

Traumatized Motherfuckers Podcast coming soon!

Featuring: your MF stories.