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Contribute to Community Healing

Traumatized Motherfuckers is a Community Healing Project -

That means YOUR contributions make this recovery effort possible. 

How to get involved?

Share your story and insights

Become a Community Leader

Social shares and practical assistance 

Check out the options below to become a part of TMF effort to rid the world of "I'm alone in this."

And be sure to hear the powerful MFs who've already stepped up to the mic. Check them out, exclusively streaming safely in the private community Blanket Fort.

Share your story so far

Got an untold tale?

Insight to add to an episode topic?

A feeling that someone out there needs to hear a similar set of struggles?

Shout it out. 


Record yourself with any phone or PC app and a basic set of headphones. Aim for at least 10 minutes. Email your input to

And then continue the conversation with other MFs who've never felt so "seen" 

in the Discord and Patreon!

Woman in a Studio
Halftone Image of Crowd
Women Holding Hands

Become a Community Leader

Did you know "fulfillment" and "purpose" are shown to assist in long term trauma recovery?

Giving your hard experiences a 'reason' by helping others is a pretty good way to get some.

If you're: 

- past "traditional" trauma processing therapy

- well versed in "the trauma bibles"

- ready to validate and share with others

- at least a little tech-capable

- a member of the Discord community

You might want to become a TMF-entor in the private community.


Use the old community application (here) to throw your hat into the ring. Tell me your interests and background! If approved, sign up for a month assignment, get Discord admin privileges and free membership, act as a moderator/friend to all, and see how it goes. Commit monthly; opt out as your T-brain and T-life demand. We know how it goes.

WILL I write letters of reference if you're in school or working towards a psych career?


Functional Support

You know, a MF hates to ask for help.

To keep help accessible for the majority, I need a hand too.

Help keep the lights on around here as far as needed materials,
web costs, and "throw a Fucker a bone" financial contributions.



Throw tips and episode comments, without subtracted platform fees, one buck at a time, with Ko-Fi! 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

One-time or repeat donations help keep this computer powered with Paypal!


  • Amazon

Donate materials for business, organization, and "SUV life" with Amazon!

(Note: please ask for proper shipping address, as I'm transient these days!)


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