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ATL - CHI - 2019

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I couldn't cope with the instability of independent art. But other people should live the dream

Do you make something? Does it support your recovery? Do you have mental health inspirations?

Submit your art - share your story - send your portfolio - and let us share it.

Digital, physical, printed, multi-media, sewn, planted, painted, camera-ed, collaged, refurbished?
 Whatever you do, get vulnerable and share that shit!

We want to show your work off and promote you (don't worry - choose your own permissions below).

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Shoot us a message and tell us what you need.
We're here to help you!

**Proceeds to support startup costs and to jump start the TM fund; a sponsorship pool for assisting trauma sufferers with acute financial strain related to or complicated by the disorder, abuse victims in need of resources & respite, and inspired motherfuckers who need a leg up for the next chapter of life.