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Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

ATL - CHI - 2019

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traumatized motherfuckers

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Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

Anyone who lives with Complex Trauma or PTSD knows the crippling physical and mental symptoms that plague your every waking moment (and with all that goddamn insomnia, you're uncomfortably awake 24/7)

Life tends to get small. Connections are difficult to make or maintain.

Getting a grip on your symptoms to get through the day feels impossible; let alone making a meaningful life.


It's easy to throw in the towel, declare life-conspiring shit luck, and kill time waiting for a slow and ordinary death.​

It's harder to get pissed about your circumstances, proclaim war on your disorder, and find your inner motherfucker.

... especially when healthcare isn't affordable.

If you're determined to take control of your trauma in-and-out of the therapist office, searching for recovery-minded support, and desperate for real conversation with people who've lived your worst days,

you aren't alone.

You might be a traumatized motherfucker.


The MF mission is to support and connect trauma survivors around the world; online and in real life. 

To spread real information about living with trauma, anxiety, depression, and more.

To educate sufferers and their loved ones.

To build a supportive community of local, like-minded individuals, ready to make some change.

And to share our stories; normalizing the experience for our own damn selves before we expect the same from others.

No trauma sufferer should ever feel broken, damaged, or doomed.

Alone, trapped, or option-less.

Through real conversation and connections, we can affect minds and lives one at a time.


Bringing trauma survivors out of the woodwork to build a world-wide network of empowered trauma-informed

and -experienced motherfuckers, in communities and on the web to enact global change. 

Providing the resources for friends, families, and coworkers to better understand, discuss, and support trauma recovery.

Overcoming stigma and expanding public understanding of PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety and stress disorders.

Expanding mental health education, recovery tools, and resources for unprivileged populations. 

Impacting public opinion to foster trauma-mindful public policies; creating recovery-allowable jobs, mental health oriented management practices, and leveraging the unique skills of survivors in diverse positions.


behind the skulls

Traumatized Motherfuckers is run by me - Jess (AKA, punk rock jess, if you're a facetious asshole)

Chicago native, Atlanta transplant.

Ex-cancer cell biologist, present day craft brewery logistics coordinator / SEO content writer / TMFR.

Former victim of pervasive life trauma, current expert on gettin' mad and rebuilding with resilience. 

Just slinging words and hoping to bring folks together to talk about what we've learned...

without the blank stares and "try to relax/look on the bright side/don't worry so much" bullshit.

For more on my story and the tale of T-MFRS, check this out