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behind the skulls

Name's Jess. I run this shit. Sometimes, it runs me.

I'm not a licensed trauma professional, just an experiential expert / MS student with nothing left to lose.


Throughout most of my life, I didn't know "Trauma" applied to my experiences with an abusive & addictive family.

I wasted a lot of years treating myself poorly and creating a life I didn't want with unchecked mental illness. 

High functioning? Usually. Happy? Never.


I thought I was just born broken. I always felt alone and "wrong."

And because of it, I wound up feeling trapped in some miserable and dangerous places.

Abusive relationships, toxic jobs, unsupportive communities.

When I got the trauma-informed help, coping tools, and mindset I needed to manage my mental health,

everything changed.

I started believing that I had control again and making massive changes.

So, now I'm here, slinging words and talking about really living with complex trauma, no holds barred.

Talking in real time about rebuilding a life after a few decades of floundering.

Building a community of people who "get it" and want to help.

Ex-scientist. Ex-self-defeatist. Ex-fearful mess.


Traumatized Motherfxcker

About  Traumatized 


Not doomed. Not damaged. Not dead yet.

TMFRs is a one man (wo-) operation, supported by anxious production, inner criticism, and donations. 

Spitting relatable, researched words about the CPTSD experiences no one is talking about otherwise.

The scientific browsing skills of an ex-scientist x the brain of a traumatized motherfucker.

Creating community for folks who fear every part of it.

the nerve_5.png


The motherfucking mission is to provide support resources for Trauma Recovery Journeys.

No one should ever feel damaged, doomed, or better off dead. 

Alone, trapped, or hopeless.

You CAN take control of your mental health and start building a life you want...

even if you haven't gotten the chance so far.

And you don't have to do it alone.

How can talking about complex trauma help?


I sent it to my husband and my therapist with a note saying that it described EXACTLY how I experience anxiety. I have never felt so validated or less alone, and I cannot tell you how rare and valuable that experience was for me.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I appreciate what you are doing with this blog and I hope it gives people a place to vent and help each other. I probably won’t be a good role model, but at least a decent cautionary tale for others: deal with your shit or it will deal with you.

Your message is refreshing, empowering and motivating.  Most importantly, in my view, is the acknowledgement that people are not alone.  Help those Motherfuckers move forward, take control of those things over which they have control and shed the victim mentality.

Please, please  keep doing it. I’ve never been able to laugh at my diagnosis, let alone have the courage to face it if it weren’t for you, & what you’ve started here; thank you.