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Not doomed. Not damaged.

Not dead yet.

ATL - CHI - 2019

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Living Anxious, Isolated, and Agoraphobic?

Join the Motherfucking Club

Have you been diagnosed with PTSD? Seeing or seeking traditional therapy?

Feeling like you need more support for those particularly shitty days?

When every minute feels like a personal hell, the 167 hours outside your therapist's office each week stack up. 

 Sometimes, you just need someone on your side, in that moment and beyond.

When it comes to living with trauma, anxiety, depression & more, social support matters. 

Welcome to Traumatized Motherfuckers


Online and Real Life Support Community for Trauma Survivors

Encouraging connection; creating real resources; steering Trauma conversations

Resources for you

Education for loved ones 

Conversations for people who get it

Your diagnosis is just the beginning


Complex Trauma doesn't come with a handbook.

Instead, it rides with a custom-built posse of fucked up core beliefs and co-morbidities to make things really interesting.


Flashbacks and dissociative spells are awful... let's throw in some crippling anxiety, depression, and OCD.

Your brain and body will be screaming 24/7. You'll never sleep again. Doesn't that sound fun?

When you're feeling out of control of your brain and body, the last thing you need is to feel alone and ashamed. 


Unfortunately, thanks to all the aforementioned bullshit, along with a predisposition for mistrust,

many trauma sufferers struggle to make meaningful connections.

In a real clusterfuck of cruel jokes, lack of secure relationships only promotes isolation, shame, and further mental illness.

Without the support and education necessary to first get a handle on your symptoms,

it's a struggle feeling stable enough to rewire your traumatized brain. 

Are you Experiencing

Racing thoughts, overwhelm, panic attacks, incessant fear, worry, indecisiveness, insomnia, mental and physical exhaustion,

emotional dysregulation, flashbacks, agoraphobia, shakiness, muscle tension, migraines, acid reflux, intrusive thoughts,

obsession, dizziness, dissociation, appetite disruption?

Hopelessness? Perpetual boredom? Irrational agitation?

Stagnation? Loneliness? Life dissatisfaction?

Youre in the right place MF

No matter what phase of shitty living you're in right now... been there.

The good news is, you can feel better. You don't have to hate everything forever.

You can make permanent change to your traumatized brain.

If you're ready to get pissed, get proactive, and get practicing, then you're ready to regain control.

And you don't have to do it alone.

Join the online and RL community of Traumatized Motherfuckers.

Receive regular email updates and learn about the newest T-MFRs.

Browse my favorite resources. Add to the Trauma conversation.


Whether you're only a few steps along or miles down recovery road,

support is crucial for the long haul.

Rewiring your brain isn't easy. 

It's even harder without people to share your successes with.

Or to call for help in a time of failure.

Connect with like-minded motherfuckers in your stage of recovery,

in your area and around the world, with your specific struggles.

Support other sufferers

Join the online community - hit the forums and chat groups to bitch about your day

Show your pretty face at MeetUp events (contact me to pilot one in YOUR city)

Subscribe to the toolshed newsletter - read new member stories, meet featured artists, learn about upcoming events, and stay up to date on the books/podcasts of the week!



Share your stories

Share your best trauma tips and life lessons.

Send me your stories and original art.

I'm promoting your perspective to people who need it and git it.


Settle the stigma 


Taking back "trauma" from snowflake stereotypes. We aren't victims and crybabies.

We're silent sufferers, approaching each day with courage, grit, and resilience.

Let's tell our tales (actually) living with trauma.

Not doomed, not damaged, not dead yet. 

How do you communicate?

Get it, you don't need another stupid thing to worry about. 

So I'm trying to make support available EVERYWHERE.

Choose the method of connection that fits your life.

Upcoming Events

I'll be honest; I don't need another thing to keep up with. We can't all be heroes.

You should just go here to catch up with the local ATL events:




From outside the Atlanta area? Not a "real life" sort of person? 

Sweet, me too. I gotchoo. Let's connect online. 

Online Forums for Members to get started and email me anytime to get to know each other.

Share your story
Change the conversation 
Support fellow survivors
Inspired by trauma brain, isolation, and anxiety, respectively.
Commissioned for commercial use. Artist: Katerina
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